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I uploaded a run to this game and it got a mod edit saying next time to show both screens. I don't know why I need to do that since the action is at the top screen. Is there a reason why I must show both screens? Is it that it bothers people or is there a reason for it?


Hey! Sorry for not messaging about it earlier, my mistake, but the reason as to why we need both screen is in order to see stats of the characters during the run because there are cheats that change the stats, hp, damage, level and special attacks and since this game´s any% category does NOT allow any cheats we need to make sure you are in fact not using any. After watching your run the reason I still submitted it was because I could clearly see that this run did not use any cheats whatsoever! Sorry for the misunderstanding and if this happens again I will be sure to DM you before verifying the run.