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Hey guys, just started running this meme of a game. Noticed a couple of things that could be helpful if not already known.

All yellow bird spawns are set in chains based on time. So when you first load up the level, the time starts ticking until the first bird spawns. For example in Main Course, the first bird spawns between 21-24 seconds. I don't know what causes the discrepancy, haven't tested it out that far yet.

The second bird spawn is dictated by when you eat the bird prior to it in the chain. For Main course, the second bird spawns usually 11-13 seconds after you eat the first spawn. For example say you eat the first bird at 25 seconds in. That would mean the second bird spawns at 36-38 seconds in the run. And so on down the chain. I'm in the process of making a list listing all the bird spawn timers in the chain for each level.

Bonks and getting run over, etc. will cause the timer to pause. I haven't tested it out on dynamite, arrows, pterodactyl, etc. but its probably safe to say that those too will cause it to pause.

Missing a bird in the chain is pretty bad because you are tacking on an extra X amount of seconds for however long the game dictates for a new bird to spawn at the end of the chain to allow you to eat the necessary amount of birds. I haven't tested whether the chain continues and acts as if you have eaten the bird once the bird "disappears" from the map and can no longer be eaten. So I would think its best, that if you miss a bird and pass it, to go back and try to get it.

One of the more interesting things I found is that you can not move at all and it doesn't affect the timer in the chain. So you could not move at all at the start of the level. Wait until the time lapses for the bird to spawn and then start moving and the bird will appear right on time. It works whether you move off to the side and stand there and then go back on to the track. There is a caveat in that you dont want to wait just as the timer is about to hit for the bird spawn. I've had some weird bird times by doing that, or even missing it all together. I would give it maybe a 7-10 second window to work up going full speed to time it right.

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Interesting stuff here. I knew about some sort of timer regarding the birds spawning, but either way this is some good observations. There is a 1.0 and 1.1 version of this game and it would cool if we could figure out what the actual version differences are. Nice work dude.


Thanks for the info man, sounds like you're about to get a sick run with that kind of effort.


Logging this for my own sake. Freezing value 00003C affects background images. For some reason, freezing that made the birds not spawn.