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Hello, just wanted to ask for a video guide because the one in text confuses me.



sure, i could make a guide for it later today when i get the chance

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Do you think we may be able to get a discord server up and running, then everyone can discuss routs and stuff or is that a bit of a push? XD


it'd be a rather small discord server


And considering the mod doesn't bother putting detailed rules in any games they are a mod of (not even putting the timing rules smh) and not capitalizing Any%, I don't think people will bother joining.


@SpiderHakoSpiderHako The rules for each category don't need to be very specific. Everybody who has submitted a run so far has been able to complete a run for the correct category, so i don't know what you mean by detailed rules.

Also, the capitalization of Any% is a preference thing, so i don't know why you're nit picking at that.