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I have a few ideas for new categories:

Full game:

¤ "Reach the Credits" (Unlock all Snowy Levels and complete them 100%, then complete the final level)
¤ 100% (Complete every level 100%, defeat all bosses and complete the final level)


¤ Any% (Snowy levels: collect all bones, Other levels: reach level end)
¤ 100% (Collect all coins; every level except boss and snowy levels)

Each of the categories can be done in "Easy" or "Normal" mode.


Looks like I didn't get a notification for this thread, sorry about that.

Are you planning to run any of these categories currently?


I thought about the categories again and I'd say that ILs for this game are overkill since there is not much that can go wrong.

However the full game runs are interesting in my opinion. I did an acceptable run of the "Reach Credits" category today and I will also run 100%.

The game "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (PC)" has a similar problem with the any% category. They added a "Better Any%" category which should be useful for this game too.

I'd suggest to rename the current any% to "Better Any%" and make "Reach Credits" the new any%.

Timing for "Reach Credits" and 100% should end when hitting "Continue" after the final level.

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I like the suggestion, however maybe it'd be better to keep any% and have a "Finish the game" category (instead of "Reach Credits")?


That's ok too.

While reaching the credits is technically the real "Any%" it is less interesting to watch than defeating the final boss.
And it's a good idea to have the most entertaining category set as the default category which shows up when someone opens this games leaderboard.

Thanks a lot for adding me as a moderator for this game.


Sounds good to me. Feel free to adjust the categories FrankerZ

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