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No experience, sorry and GL


I wouldn't buy anything unless you know you like video blogging. Use your phone or a cheap web cam to start, both are more than adequate quality these days.

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on youtube look up a guy named Rotter Studio the guy knows EVERYTHING about cameras

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Originally posted by ImaproshamanIf you have no experience, then why respond? Just say nothing.

then why did you?

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Originally posted by cutenicethen why did you?

(Hoping I did the quoting correctly)
Because this way, if Dracaarys sees it, they are reminded they shouldn't post. Imagine going to all topics and being like "yeah I don't know." If no one is reminding them they shouldn't say that and they continue making dumb posts, that's spam.

Telling someone that it's better to not say anything if you have no experience is NOT spam.
Saying "Yeah, I don't know, sorry, gl" is spam.

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I'm still in wot mode with you

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gopros typically do not work really well for video footage where youre sitting down or setting up a scene. depending on what kind of gopro youre using theyre mostly meant for 'action' as stated. so if youre not actively moving a lot, such as a sport, or swimming, or climbing etc.. the 'eye-fish' like lens will make it appear really awkward?

if you want something cheap and effective a small point and shoot would work fine, but you could also opt into a dslr if you have more money to spend. a good setup for vlogs or blogging with live footage or post edited footage could be a simple point and shoot that records around 720p or 1080p and an adjustable tripod.

i usually recommend people buy something small before they dump a large amount of money into something only to use it for a short while, youd be surprised how many people do this. however, if youre confident in your purchase then have at it. heres a list of cameras i have used and what i would personally recommend for you:

point and shoot: sony cyber-shot DSC-W800 digital camera
point and shoot: canon powershot SX740
camcorder: canon vixia hf R800 camcorder
dslr: canon eos rebel t7i

please keep in mind when purchasing a camera that the more you pay the quality only goes up a tiny bit, if any at all, the best quality you can get is from a dslr with a megapixel 50-60~ approx. that being around the 2,000-3,000 usd range.. even so that quality is just the barely noticeable and could go under appreciated. my recommendation is work with your budget and find something that works for you.

hope i helped and best of luck on your video blog!


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@TaylorGilmoreTaylorGilmore not the right thread but never buy on any other place than the steam marketplace,
you're just asking to get scammed.

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