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I can go 100% so i was just wondering 😛


Well.. if I still run then, If I'm good, if I know more about the "how to get there" at this time.. then sure why not 😃
As you can see there are a lot of uncertainties yet so I can't say much ...
I'd sure be interested in going tho 🙂


ESA is once i begin making twitch bucks which will take a few years, so no

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MH you're coming to AGDQ for sure doe right? if you're not i'll cut ya Kappa b


when i know where and how much and when , i'm going for it yeah
with GTA TBoGT and maybe GTA CTW


I'm in.

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See ya there Pac DatSheffy


If I can, I'll definitely go there. The issue is, I need to do a work placement in the same period of time, so there might be a conflict on this. And scholarship has the priority.


Everyone should come! I hear the plans for ESA2015 are gonna be more awesome! This is the place we are gonna rent:

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I will if I can, definitely.


I will Kappa


nice place Kreygasm


Still more epic than the hall used for SGDQ 2014 Kreygasm


Yeah, like over the main stage there is 2 projectors and so on! Most awesome! Just have to wait and see what the planning group comes up with!



ESA2015 hype


Next year I might make some plans to go methinks.


Going to ESA would be so sick. But considering at the time I'm typing this the cheapest round-trip flight is about $1,200, so I'm pretty boned.


Hopefully i'll be there again next year.
Everything depends on my job/holidays.