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The person that moderates the most games is currently @WolskWolsk whom moderates 260 games. I recommend looking at this thread for further details:

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Unless you mod all of the “I Wanna Be The Guy” games.

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@WolskWolsk is 1st with 268
@NaloaNaloa is 2nd with 267, both of them are mods of the “I wanna be the guy” series
3rd and 4th are @MarvJungsMarvJungs and @Tomatobird8Tomatobird8, both tied to 206. This other 2 are moderators of the Super Mario 64 Romhack series.
As others have said, you dont want to be on top of that list. It would be overwhelming to moderate so many games and if youre not going to moderate them actively you should just leave the mod team. Also, mod farming is against the site rules so the more you have the more likely you are to be spotted and mod-banned

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How do you even search for people with lot of moderated games?

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I used an old lb and updated the top totals.
I think they used a script to go through every profile and gave us a leaderboard back in June which was accurate. I just looked at the top 10 totals and put the 4 with 200+ moderated games there.

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@DBcadeDBcade actually has more than @MarvJungsMarvJungs and @Tomatobird8Tomatobird8, modding 217 games and series as well as 3 marathons. I don't believe there's anyone else with over 200 games modded

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Originally posted by TRLittleToaster I don't believe there's anyone else with over 200 games modded

I don’t want to be that guy, but @MarvJungsMarvJungs and @Tomatobird8Tomatobird8 both moderate 203 games.

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Yes, he knows. I said it in my message.
Also, I just realised that the numbers are different for each person (I see to ato and marv with 204 and db with 208)

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@authorbluesauthorblues moderates 140 games as well as 14 series.

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From past experience and from other speedrunners experience:


Sure, I mean, you do get to have some responsibility, and though it might seem fun at first, it really isn't.

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Hats off to moderators who reply "NO" to random game forums saying, "Can i be a mod?!?!?!". Its for their better good.

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tl;dr - you don’t want to be mod, trust me

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not this again...
you don't want to be a mod, trust me
I had to say it.

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I don't know who mods the most games but I mod the least games. 😎

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I’m pretty sure your tied with at least 1/4 of the site

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