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My username was first used on poptropica. A game for kids. 2007? 2008? Something like that. I had zero idea what name I wanted but believe it or not, I subconsciously entered the name chryoyo. Without thought, without hesitation. For some reason, I was happy with that. It wasn't until years later that I realized why I choose that name. It fits me perfectly. It's painful to think about the number of things it symbolizes. The more I looked at it the more I realized and the more I cried. I could honestly write a book about this name. Though I doubt anyone would be interested, and it's rather personal. My name has been a mystery to all my friends. Many have tried to decipher the name but few come out with the correct answers.

The only thing everyone knows is that chry is my depression and my real name christian. That's half the name, but not half the reason. Though I'll keep you there to ponder I guess since as I stated earlier, I'd prefer it to remain a secret. I'd be so happy if anyone found out everything though.

This is perhaps the most personal thing I've written on the site and I don't think I could reveal more about who I am than this. It was oddly very relaxing to type out. It made me cry a little but, it was fun. Until next time, keep yoyoing gamers! 😊 BYE!

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From Geometry Dash 😃
... hmmm, maybe I should do GD speedrun thinking

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I am an old gamer. When I was a young buck like most of you in high school my friends nick named me rooster since it rhymes with my last name. I like playing games from when I was a kid in the 80's like Pac-Man so I added retro. I am in the IT field and an old nerd so I used leet speak from the 90's to make my username. 🙂


I came up with this username during the early 2010's when I was young and the word "epic" was thrown around like crazy. B is my first initial, and 13 is my lucky number. It's simple and lame, but it makes me remember simpler times. (Kinda wanna find a new name though lol)


It's my real name, kind of. My real name is a bit different but it is only used in official papers - this is the name people always calls me no matter where I go.


My username comes from the fact that I was a SMW hacker.


My username is just my nickname with a 1 instead of an L
my og name was Im Not Tyrone because of those dumb vine memes lmao


I was called Spooky as a gamertag but i wanted to add more and I like how DokiDoki sounds so I changed the y to an I in spooky and yea. DokiDokiSpooki was created.

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My first name was SUPER_Samurai_ since it was my favorite song on DDRHP1 when I was young (lol). I also called myself GR33N (favorite colour) and OmegaAlpha (since I started learning ancient greek at that point and I thought it was edgy or sth). Then after, I had to sign up for a website called since I was big into those smash bros tournaments, and I had to pick a different name since omegaalpha was too long and didn't fit well. I said fuck it and decided to just call myself "Dickson" since it was a real name but also had a funny haha word in there (points if you find it). Then it stuck around. I'm not actually called that irl lol


My brother didn't know my name so he used to call me Capuno when we were like 2-4 years old


Unnessesary necro bump.

My original name is isuckatspeedrunning (it came from me not being good at speedrunning) and I wanted to get a twitch account. I was gonna go with isuckatspeedrunning. But I forgot streamers usually thank new followers and say their usernames and I didn't want to trick people into saying that they suck at speedrunning when they really dont, so I thought of speedrunningiscool. I chose that one is cool.


Shame. Tricking people into saying they suck at speedrunning and then clipping it out of context would have been a solid meme.

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King Boo is my favorite character in the Mario franchise and I like the Lieutenant rank in the military.
I was almost going to call myself feigned competence since I have almost no speed running skills, but that wasn't as exciting.


The alphabet is an inspiring place

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