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Place called the Ragged Flagon where thieves tend to hang around, few years ago it was as busy as the Imperial City...
Anyways I like the word, it's a really stupid name that I should change at some point.


I used it in Pokemon Red/Blue to make certain mons spawn on Cinnabar Island. Kept it ever since because it's (obviously) never taken.


For my first username, SharpsDoubleRifle, it was originally my father’s username that I took. But it originated from the sharps double rifle, which is a hunting rifle. And for Reni I was free-styling in the shower once saying a bunch of non sense and that came up and I thought it would make a good username.


It's literally my name, but with a VERY BIG difference

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No clue, I tried to get it and it magically worked. I was shocked that no one had the name before me.

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My username came from you guessed it: a YIAY submission. The misspelling of "jacksfilms" is similar to "jackzfiml". I originally misread it as "jackzfiml"

When I originally signed up to the site a year ago, my username would've been "MacOScursor". But, I ended up losing access to that account immediately after it was created for some weird reason. Then I made a new account with the username "25161jackzfiml". The numbers represented someone I had a crush on at the time (not kidding). I then later removed "25161" and bam! "jackzfiml" was officially born.


I've always been called DJ my entire life. Maybe a reflection of my own vanity. The name Dyna Jay just rolled off the tongue.

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you might have heard of the rapper DaBaby, that's where i got my name from

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once I had a substitute teacher called Mr. teemo I liked the name so when I needed to make a ps4 account I tried to find something that would rhyme with teemo and I ended up using extreamo almost three years later and it's still my goto username

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idk how i came up with it but i know it worked


Is your name an among us room code?

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When I made my account I was doing speedcubing (dont do it often nowadays but whatever.) My first username was JustACuber which I just sorta came up with and stuck with for a little until I shortend it to Cuber cuz I liked it more. Tbh ive always sorta wanted to change my name but its what everyone knows me by and idk what I would change to so whatever.


i remember when maximilianmus used to do the "oh yeah yeah" troll, i forgot about it for a long time but then a friend reminded me when he tried to do it again to me. i then saw an opportunity to just get the name Yeah (since oh is taken and is no longer available) and to my surprise no one had it. so Yeah.

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A Easter egg country. I won’t tell you how you can get it but I do know it is impossible to get on mobile


@MetaMeta I think this thread should be stickied ngl.


I threw two words together and thought it was funny

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We were trying to come up with the most stupid usernames at my friends house while playing on his ps3 and I ended up with this name. Its stupid and childish but Ive learnt to like it. (Also please sticky this, its a very cool thread and we should revive it)

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