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My name comes of a japanese translation of Danger. which Danger coming from a youtube username generator. (lmaooooooo)


color go brrr


RIP Stefán Karl Stefánsson

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A couple years ago I had this joke w/ my friends that I would do anything for waffles because I loved them so much then when I got Minecraft I needed a name so I took waffles and made it to wafflyos.


Not my actual IGN but people kept calling me french in on of the speedrunning discord i was in so i turned the joke around and renamed myself to french.
Had to dm the past owner on twitter if i could take his IGN and he agreed so that's pretty cool i guess ( he wasn't active on the site anymore ).


My Name comes from SuperAL1, my first account.

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Stealing my friends name


It's an anagram of my first name. Originally, I was called LD, my initials.


TS is for TechSwallow, Tech as in Technology and Swallow as in the bird. It's a quick username I mashed together. On Reddit, someone suggested me Fowlware. Now, this is the only website I still use TechSwallow on, aside from OWoT.


I made mine up in February 2019 cause I thought it was creative


My username has no backstory, I just have used it for about 5 years for other accounts and stuff

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My First Name was FireXPlays, It was a name I created for some reason a while ago, that was dumb and I wanted a more professional name but in the theme of Fire, and one day I got this error message
I usually don't read it and refresh the page but I was bored and when I did I saw "Checking the proxy and the Firewall and that's how I got this name. Pretty cool backstory ig

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I logged onto twitch a few months ago, had the username "smitchbot", became pretty well known in the Hypixel Skyblock Twitch community. Stuck with the name.


Ok, smitchbot