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What's a good store to find an RCA Splitter or Cable? I have Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Radioshack. There's also Game Xchange which is a company that is not spread all over the US (pretty much every store is in south US and there seem to be about 50-100, exception being New York City), which sells all kinds of games and equipment. But then again, I want to be careful in case it's not there at my place.


Uhhh RadioShack maybe? I think the powered splitter I bought online was RadioShack brand. Other than that it’s a crap shoot, but you definitely want to check out some kinda electronics store for that (or just go online).


I use this one:

RadioShack 1500320 1-Input/4-Output

It has S-Video and RCA, and you can hook up to 4 other output sources to it. No latency that I can tell. This is a RadioShack brand one, but I'm not sure of the usual availability in stores. I've never seen it at any local Radioshack.