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Okay, so I'm a new speedrunner and my first speedrun is going to be the ios game swordigo. Because the game has no save states I use my completed account to test quickly getting bettween places, I will then test the bossfights on a seperate account is this a legitimate way of practicing for a speedrun? Please tell me.


No one really cares how you practise, it just needs to effective, or it should at least...

It sounds good for me.

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should work fine for your purpose - although in the end the most practice (and muscle memory) you'll get from doing the full run anyway.

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I am WR for that game and stoked you want to try it. The discord is where you'll certainly find help with the run generally or feel free to post any issues / questions on the game's forum (there are already one or two threads there discussing the route and some guides). Your proposed method of practice sounds sensible and good luck!

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