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Hey and a happy 2019 to you all!

I'm wondering as I'm importing an american PS2 slim system right now, can I easily hook up with an european power cable just like that? Scandinavian to be specific.


anything american will require an adapter for european stuff (heck, sometimes you need one for inter-european stuff),
possibly also need to buy an adapter for your Monitor/TV if it doesn't support the refresh rate.

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Check your power adapter, what the input is. Europe = 50HZ 220 or 230V, US is 60HZ 110V.

If you need help, send me what your adapter says and I'll say what you need to do :^)

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For certain models you are able to use the PAL AC adapter with the NTSC console.

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Thankful to see all the help for this!
Not sure about adapters, I'm using adapters for my american snes system but I assume that I can't utilize it for this?
What drove me to consider this was that I'm using my pal N64 power for my japanese systems without anything else in between, but perhaps it's the thick part that converts it somehow?
I'll check the link as well and I will return with any progress further on this! Thank you all!

Edit: Alright, I checked and compared the link with the bought system model quick since it's not in my hands yet.
It's a Silver Slim model, and what I got out of Wikipedia and Amazon it appears to be a SCPH-77001!
According to the link it's safe, if, the console really is a 77, to hook it up and play.
It says AC adapter but I only use cables.
No explosions? Haha.