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Being on the list isn't a bad thing, I don't think about my post count when I make forum posts

But yeah, jackz said he wasn't gonna make these spammy posts and has sort of continued to do it. He's basically turned into floppypants 2

also @SizzylSizzyl use the edit button

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i honestly thought jackz was half joking when he said he'd stop post farming but was genuine about the moderation part

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Some stats:
Posts in the last 24 hours:
@Merl_Merl_ | 9 (including this one)
@PearPear | 0
@11 | 1
@oo.D.W. | 3
@SizzylSizzyl | 4
@Oreo321Oreo321 | 4

And finally,
@jackzfimljackzfiml | 8
More than (almost) anyone else here
If it weren't for this thread, he'd have more than everyone

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Simple. I'm a bot that posts all day and all night that doesn't sleep.

For real though, I think the main reason I've kind of post farmed lately is because I made that "Who has the most forum posts" list. It has encouraged me to post way too much. Literally the day after I made that my post rate got to the point it was blatantly obvious I was farming forum posts. I'm probably gonna go find something to do with my life that does not have anything to do with trying to get 500 posts in 2 months. That probably will happen, but that shouldn't be a goal of mine. What should be a goal of mine however is to become a better person in these forums. I have stopped making threads as frequently, so at least that's a start.


It's worth noting that comments count as posts, so at minimum new threads don't have to be created all the time.

I've just stopped reading anything on the Talk forum, it's not worth my time.

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@Merl_Merl_ I'll never use the edit button until the day I die (except when I will)

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i broke my addiction to talk thread thanks !!!!!! for rthe help
but really. is there a need to make 5 forum posts a day saying "you can not do _ if you are not _" like it's soooooooooooooooo spammy and doesn't really contribute much
that's just my opinion though


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I agree that the latest "only X can do Y" threads in the Talk forum are annoying.
But, to be the devil's advocate here - out of all the 14 different threads like that in the past 3 months, @jackzfimljackzfiml has created just 4 of them. While this is the highest amount for a single person, all the rest of the threads were created by other accounts. (Unban_norris created 3)
I am also one of the sinners myself, because of the longcats thread.

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Really? Only 4? I thought that number was a bit bigger.


Only people that arent @jackzfimljackzfiml can reply thread

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Only people that aren't @jackzfimljackzfiml can make threads and reply to posts.

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I can’t breathe anymore please have mercy




I am going to die


You can still breath with your nose, you know.
(Unless you don't have a nose?)