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if we find out who you are early, does it end as well?

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I mean, I'd assume if we found out who's alt it is, the account will just get deleted.

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I won't reveal who I am until my final days, meaning even if you think you know who I am, you will never know until then =)

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fuck it change of rules

if they're correct they aren't allowed to tell anyone else or participate in conversations about it

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Honestly, my guess is Mango man. This seems like something they’d do. Although I think it could also be Kai., considering the mcc run was verified by him only 4 minutes after its submission and if my memory serves, there were other runs in the queue. Both of these people would fit the description of “fairly active”. Just my guess though.

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Honestly, my guess was danger_, but Kai. makes sense too.

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Something else I noticed, the account was originally he/him from Georgia which is the same as Kai. To be fair, I also have he/him selected and I’m from Georgia which I guess makes me a little sus.

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@WalgreyWalgrey nope, ain’t me

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wait what

"Although I think it could also be Kai., considering the mcc run was verified by him only 4 minutes after its submission and if my memory serves, there were other runs in the queue."

I was legit just looking at random src pages and saw his first run was mcc, just had to verify it lmao. just a coincidence. (btw mcc takes like 30 seconds to verify lmao)

""merl_ is Pog""

How is this linked with me again?, ig the entire top active posters but another coincidence if that

"he/him from Georgia which is the same as Kai."

lol, but mostly a coincidence

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anyways besides that, i think its ivory tbh, he seems really into this account, maybe as a way to throw us off LUL

merl_(???) (prob not idk)

Edit to back me up ig:

i use openemu for smash64 while he has leaked that he uses p64 for s64


@KaiKai. fair enough. For some reason I don’t think this is Ivory but I’ve been wrong before. I have a suspicion about Lor, this seems like a thing that he would do.

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i just noticed that in bdt discord, lor came in only to show his monitors, kinda sus, but this might just be a coincidence


watching you guys put blames on each other and the defending yourselves is so much fun lmao

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Anyways while im here,

Discord so you guys an scream more:
(dont ask past chats, bdt discord raid)

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im sorry but did you just change your location to lor's just to mess with us?

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I figured it out guys!

Maybe I shouldn’t say yet….

Nah, I will.

It’s moversdubai.

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Man, I remember Unus Annus


@PearPear moversdubai is indeed an active and respected member of the community.

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