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What was your luckiest experience? Doesn't matter if it's in a game or in real life, share your luckiest moment down below, mine was that I guessed the number, the color and the shape of 3 cards in a row from a card packet of 52 cards which is a 1/132600 chance

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I got an 8 eye !findseed on the mc lce speedrun discord


The luckiest experince that I had is the fact that before my account there wasn't anyone with the name Hi and I was able to claim it which to this day still blows my mind.

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If you've ever seen any of my speedruns, you'll know that I have no luck KEKW

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On a flight back home, I lost my purse that had over $400 cash in it, my license, credit cards, etc. It was stowed beneath my seat and I was up all night worrying about it. Around a month later, I got it back in the mail with everything in it. All $400 of my money was still there.

Whoever found my purse, I wish I could've given them $100 as a reward for being honest. People can be awesome sometimes.

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