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I wanted to speedrun Rainbow Six (on PS1) and ended up doing lots of Ridge Racer as well 😃


"oh my gerd i wanna try speed running", says the 15-year-old back-then Catly. ------- And this is when I realize my both my ex gf and my ex bf contributed to my usernames lol. Back to on-topic.
"let's be CatlyNat oh my GERDDDDD", she says before signing up on Twitch. She sets up OBS Classic, plays Super Mario World. "oh my gerdddddddddd i got a 13:06!!!!!!! i'm so proud :DDDDDDDDDD"

Then she realized she had a problem. "HOW DO I MAKE IT KNOWN??!!!!!!!!!!!!&1111111741111111§§§§§§))))))""""
She goes on Google. "Super Mario World speedruns."

:ooooooo ""!!!!!!!!! She clicks on the site. https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smw
"i haveta register NOW!!"
So I registered. August 8th 2015, CatlyNat.
And oh boy have I grown up a lot since I first registered. From CatlyNat to CatlyPaws, eventually to Amy and then Angela, both times I had to stop using those names for incredibly private and personal reasons, and............ Wait. Fuck. I explained the story of CatlyNat's account. After I had to change names from Angela, I was pretty much forced to just delete everything I could delete and lay low (no seriously it was bad and I really can't explain), and that means I deleted all my runs and posts made by CatlyNat. Also I was feeling really bad during those times so that also led me to this. Eventually I came back. (Note: like, a week after deleting everything) I didn't say who I used to be, except some people knew. I stopped talking to the people I had to avoid for a while (I did come back to those people because it provides me with important emotional support that I need, at the moment I could not live without said people, and I learned to be better at anonymity I guess) and blahblahblah I became Fencypo. I joined because, well, this site was important to me.

Boring version:
Story of my account before it was deleted: Because I needed a place to submit my times.
Story of my current and probably last account: Because I like this site.

This probably went too off-topic but whatever lol.

edit: lol i refound the post through google, searching up catlypaw

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Honestly? Oh boy this might seem like a downer. But to me, it's not.

So, I was born with half a working heart, and at 3 years old, I had a surgery to reroute things so my half-heart could function similarly to a normal one. It went pretty well except for the part where I was dead for a few minutes. I couldn't talk well for over a year after surgery and I was barely coordinated enough to hold a ball.

3 years later, my cardiologist told my parents to get me a video game system as this would improve my severely damaged motor skills. So they came home with a Super Nintendo one day, and I hated it. I sucked, bad. I wanted to play with the box it came in more that the console itself - that was more fun to me. But quite literally, I was forced to play it, by friends, then my sister and cousins, and finally my father. Over the course of two years, I managed to beat Super Mario World. It did improve my coordination. I could even play catch now too. To this day, I am still very grateful to that cardiologist.

Then at age 8, I was hospitalized with Kawasaki's disease, and was out of school for several months. Some kind soul donated an insane amount of original NES's and games to the hospital I recovered in, and I spent the better portion of a month "racing" other kids to beat Super Mario and Kirby's Adventure when I felt well enough. It was almost a year before I was back to some semblance of my old self and in school full time again.

Starting in 2004, with the advent of internet video, I became aware of speedrunning. It was not unlike what I used to do with friends and the kids at the hospital. Gave me the warm and fuzzies to see something I did to pass time during some particularly dark periods of my life out there in the world. I always kept tabs on speedrunning, swear I watched everything I could find on SDA. But I assumed I'd be no good, or at least not good enough to post videos.

So in 2011, I became aware of Games Done Quick. I had to have another heart surgery, a final revision to remove some tissue that was causing my heart to grow, and ended up being out of work for 3 months recovering. Watched the whole event in awe. Wow, folks are actually doing this for charity now. Heck I know doctors affiliated with MSF do my exact surgery in developing countries. Warm and fuzzies. I cried when it was over, then quickly realized there was tons more to watch, and spent most of my recovery doing just that. So I donated a little every year after that. Still thought I could probably never do this myself.

So now it's 2018. I have an auto immune disorder that causes nerve pain and muscle twitches. A life time of surgery and rare diseases will do that to ya. I stare at my reflection in my CRT TV one day, and it dawns on me that I literally have nothing to lose. If I suck, it's the pain and twitching. If I don't, it's in spite of it.

So I look up a few games I know here, realize that I know a few secrets that haven't been found, and a few strategies no one is using. And I go for it. And it turns out I can do it. Perhaps I'll never be capable of a 5 minute Super Mario run, but hey it's fun and it's something. I especially love it when folks beat my times with strategies I developed, something I really didn't expect to enjoy to be honest.

My wife probably thinks I'm crazy, but she's been rather supportive through out, and I swear I'll turn her eventually. There's some two player games I need her for! =P

So in short I'm here because I love this. Whatever this speedrunning thing is. Truly believe there's a lot of good in this hobby, and in this community.

Halfheartedly yours,

Krayzar =P

PS: If you're reading this and you're STILL on the fence about whether you can speedrun... YOU CAN! DO IT, DO IT NOW! You need not beat anyone but yourself. It's about doing YOUR best, not beating the WR! I will go out of my way to help you if I can!

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I realized I like Alot of games,i'm not demoted to just one genre. Started out Watching TAS Vids, Then actual Speedruns,And it was cool to see Games being played out so quickly and cleanly with the routes people have made,And Figured I could get behind doin that. It took me sometime to get all the proper equipment,systems,and games. But My name is finally on the boards with some runs that I am very proud of.