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Haven't you learned from before


<<he used to play online years back and I used to destroy him>>

It's impossible for someone to improve over time, so your argument is watertight.

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Does it even matter you can beat him in online mode? Lol
Maybe he is used to fight against AI

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PvP means absolutely nothing here. Also, what @DoctorDave5001 said.


I looked at kombat kings posts and he seems like such a nice guy really sweet and he can't be bad at the game he has played lots of mk games from the older ones to newer ones he really loves the franchise, I haven't seen him even complain about you yet even tho you go around calling out how many runners now? Please stop it ain't even funny.

Fyi people get better and improve so u know and also the fact that some people can be so bad at a game but know so much about said game or played it a lot causally no one would ever call them out because after all they still enjoy what they are doing not everyone cares about wr which seems to be ur main motivation?


My epeen is bigger than your epeen! Get a life. I hope Kombat King ignores your idiotic request.