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So yeah often my cpu just jumps to 9X% and stays there a while and even when i dont have anything open its like at 40%+ the CPU i have is Intel Core i5-6400 (2.70GHz) is there a way to make it calm down or is the cpu just bad and i should get a new one?


right now (in celcius) according to HWMonitor
package - 48C
core #0 - 45C
core #1 - 48C
core #2 - 44C
core #3 - 40C


Have you checked the processes tab in task manager to see what is using your CPU?


im watching a stream and chrome is using 50%


Chrome can use a lot of resources. I have also noticed spikes from Chrome. I would also check for viruses and Spyware. You can also see what processes are running and if you don't know what it is Google it and see if it is something that could also cause this issue. Those Temps seems fine.


I get massive CPU spikes on Windows 10. It's often because of the "Microsoft Software Protection Platform" or one of another couple Windows processes that hog all my cpu/ram/disk on occasion. I've found a few solutions online, but mainly stopping the processes works fine. Typically, they restart when the computer restarts, so no harm done, though there are ways to completely disable them. If you do completely disable the Software Protection Platform to gain back some CPU, keep in mind Windows is liable to deactivate itself at any time even if your copy is legit, until the service is restarted again.