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Hullo peoples~! So,I've been practicing, and getting back into the Hit & Run scenario, more specifically, I'll be practicing for running All Story Missions. So while I do so, assuming some Hit & Runs players are reading this post, I'd like to communicate with some other runners. I think it'd be cool to talk to others about the game, get in calls, do races and have fun. c: If interested, inbox me on Twitch or on here, and hopefully we an organize a Skype/TS/Mumble group. Thanks for reading, stay awesome~!


Hey, I didn't notice this until now ( FailFish ). We usually chat in each others streams, so following other H&R runners is probably a good start! Pet_Petiguana does have a Mumble server we sometimes use (though at the moment it's often empty), so it could be worth messaging him (on Twitch/Twitter, say) to ask for the details.