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are you gamer
do you like game
tell me now


Minecraft: Java Edition

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I like Geometry Dash

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Splitgate is pretty good

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Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! is the greatest game I’ve ever played.


Kirby: The Unofficial Game

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I played a lot over the years, I probably have tenths (or hundreds) of favourite games.
How am I supposed to choose one?

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Ape Escape
but like oreo said there are so many good ones to choose from

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Super Castlevania IV
I am a major fan of Castlevania and this one hits my heartstrings the most. The soundtrack, enemy variety, effects, graphics, level design, mechanics... it is a masterpiece.

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Super Mario 127. I'm just going to quote a post from another thread to explain why I like it.

Originally posted by Hi I enjoy it purely because it's a sequel to my favourite Flash game and it's already an amazing game even while being in Demo. I also love it because it's not made in Flash, which means that you can make TASes of it using the Linux version with libTAS, something that is very important to me because I am both a runner and a TASer. As of right now only me and @VexxterVexxter actively grind ILs of it, and I hope that soon we will get more and more people to join us as it has a lot of potential to become an amazing speedgame.


I play too many to pick a single one. One of the worst things for me is the idea of picking a single favorite above all else- I just can't do it.

that bein said what about that open seasons gba

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Lots of favorites so Im going to list them off now:FNF,Animal crossing new horizons,Super animal royale,Persona 5,Minecraft and Cookie clicker.I know there's probably going to be a few contreversial opinions in here but just deal with it-Cmessenger01


I thought your favorite would be The Messenger

i am disappoint

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The sad thing is, I can’t even send messages yet 🙁


Pong the essential edition from 1969.

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Mirrors edge
Ghost runner
Titanfall 2
Severed steel
Halo (entire series)
Doom (entire series)

This basically sums up my speedrunning as well


AoE I and II
SimCity: 3000
Urbz: Sims on the City (GBA or DS) Edition

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil Remastered
Resident Evil 2 Remake
Silent Hill 1-3