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I meant "assume" and not "admit"... I spoke French in a English sentence...

What would you do ? I'm not trying to do that, I'm wondering, as a mod, if it would be wise to refuse a run because the person didn't even try to go fast.

Should I refuse, let's say, a 12 hours run for Resident Evil 2 remake ? (people take between 54 to 1h30 to beat it) (also, I'm using RE2 as an example)

Would you refuse such run ?

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If it is a popular game like Resident Evil 2 in a popular category like Any% with dozens of pretty good submissions maybe try to explain the easy major time saves and ask them to re-submit. If it is an obscure game any kind of non-cheated submission should just get a pass IMO.

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Is it the fastest you can do right now?

If so then I see no reason why you shouldn't submit, and no reason why a mod would reject it. As a mod, for all you know, this is fast for them.

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Game beaten with timer going = speedrun. I could give a fuck less if it's a good or bad run. The one exception (and I don't think this would be applicable to a game like RE2) is if you get a game-over screen that means you have to start the entire game anew. I think some of the "memier" runs on a board like SMB1 have done that to bloat their times, but in that case, I'd say take the time from start to finish of the successful attempt.


I had to submit a time by RacingMonster, the run was awful surprised it even finished. He did not know how the game worked, didn't use the right items at the start but it wasn't cheated so I had no choice.

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Verify it. It's not up to you to decide whether it's a "real" speedrun or not. They submitted it, they think it's a speedrun, so it is one, even if it's "bad". There's absolutely no harm in having a really long run at the bottom of the leaderboard (especially in a game that popular it'll get burried pretty quickly I imagine).

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I've spoken to the few guys involved in my leaderboard and they all have the same opinion : I should allow it.
Thanks guys ! So far, 100% of people gave me the same answer, you've just made my decision easier to make.

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There is one factor people aren't mentioning. It is very subjective, but for most games it is possible to make that judgement. If the person made an effort to actually speedrun then it is acceptable even if it is slow, but if they didn't then I have no guilt in rejecting it.

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So.....I see the board in question. Can I make a little suggestion -- don't abbreviate "Japanese" (or "Japan," whatever it is) that way. The abbreviation you have is an extremely offensive racial slur, right up there with the N-word or the K-word (for Jewish people). You'll notice when the site itself needs to abbreviate "Japanese" it uses JPN.


Extremely offensive? I get that the context is that people used it in a derogatory way, but it is still literally the first three letters of the word Japanese. Like come on...


Lmao, oh no! Of all the things to slide in and mention. Pretty sure the equivalent for the "N-word" in Japan actually starts with the letter "N" and not "J" anyways.

I checked both the OG leaderboard and the remake and didn't see such an abbreviation anyways??


I'd say considering 12 hours is a couple hours above the developer's average for player completion on a totally blind playthrough (which was 10 hours per character by the way, and is always massively inflated on top of that), I don't think anyone could in any way argue 12 hours for RE2 would be a "speedrun".

Baring in mind 10 hours is no prior knowledge, no routing, no strats for anything. You could literally run the current run route, play absolutely super safe, and still come far, far, far below a 12 hour time.

So, could I see them rejecting a 12 hour submission that's likely either a blind playthrough or a pisstake (for any game)? Totally.

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It's the equivalent of submitting a let's play. The mods might be willing to accept it, but should you be submitting it?


"but should you be submitting it?"
IMO, no. But I'm a mod, I don't control whether someone decides to submit such a huge time or not.

As a reminder, I used RE2 as an example. I beat it in 4h37 in my first playthrough and even that I wouldn't submit. I used it because I know how long it takes to beat it and because you probably know too.

I spoke to the ENTIRE community of Blue Stinger (so... 3 people) and they have all agreed to accept any time, even ludicrously long times. I'll know for the next time, democracy ruins everything ^-^


Mob rule ruins everything, not necessarily democracy.


adjective, noun Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.
a contemptuous term used to refer to a Japanese person.

Your call at the end of the day (obviously). But that's what it means. If you don't care, then you do you.


I'm not sure I've even see the abbreviation you're talking about on either RE2 board. That and I don't think anyone has used that abbreviation in a derogatory way in 60 years.


As the OP has said repeatedly, RE2 was a hypothetical example. They mod one board, which is not RE2.

You're free to believe anything you want, of course, but I think the dictionary is about as objective as we're gonna get.


Anyway, I made my suggestion and gave the basis for it. That's all I need to/will say.


If someone's made a reasonable effort to actually speedrun (ie: basic knowledge of strats, route, some decent effort show to at least be producing some kind of speedrun) then it should be fine.

If people are just submitting their playthroughs / blind play though I would sway more towards the "this is where we should draw the line" reasoning. The site is made to track speedruns after all, and that's not gauged by their time but simply that a conscious effort must be made to at least attempt to speedrun, in my eyes. Blind playthroughs and such, or playthroughs that are clearly just casual play aren't going to be a conscious effort to do that.

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