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So I played around with the El Gato a little yesterday. I downloaded OBS. I had a lot of fun playing with that. I couldn't get my ps4 to hook up through my El Gato.. but could get the Switch to work.. not sure what the deal was. I was just testing it to learn how it worked. I hope to do a test run with an older console like SNES today. Just in case I plan on streaming ps4.. does anyone have any advice on why I couldn't get it to pull up on the screen? I used the same HDMI cords for the Switch and it worked perfect.

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Might be HDCP. I think it's on by default on PS4.

Here's how to turn it off:

Some games and apps might not work without it, but I think that's a small number now.

Also, good luck with the equipment! I might be asking YOU for advice in terms of HDMI soon... =P

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I still don't know how to @ someone on here, but Krayzar, I still haven't got my ps4 working.. well.. I never tried after the first time. I've streamed some Switch play with discord playing so you could hear the guys I was playing with. I test streamed N64 Diddy Kong Racing, then last night I tested the PS2 with Thrasher Skate and Destroy for PS1. All seems to work well, except I keep getting an echo on my mic. I need to figure that issue out.