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What is the worst game/category you have attempted to speedrun?

My answer would be the "All Dimensions" category for "ROBLOX: Speed Run 4" because it's the same 30 levels 7 times with barely any differences. (I also attempted a single-star run in a ROM hack that was nothing but ledge-grabs for 2 minutes)

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I can narrow it down to three at least

Elminage Gothic Any% : It's such a struggle that I haven't thought about it in months after that initial routing --- I hate knowing that Bosses "CAN" die to low level charathers and dread having to force it to happen on a new run.

Star Control 1 All Full game Missions w/ Awesome Cyborg : Level 1-9 You play as the Alliance and it's easy, but then the real run begins and you have to play as the Hierarchy -- They almost always build Arilou, and their AI involves teleporting 1 frame before any projectile hits them, so they're only vulnerable because the transitions between angles in SC1 are technically too rough for them to detect (sometimes) but other times they just eat up their own counters.

Star Control 3 Any% : In terms of being a bad game it takes the cake rather than a bad speedgame.. Game was full of undocumented stuff during the routing process as nonsensical parts of the game are connected via Event Trigger (you must do half of the Ultron quest, but don't actually have to turn it in... in order to affect the Clairconctair!?). Unlike SC 1-2 The run is mostly a breeze in execution (Massive numbers of free ships and the GOAT flagship does that) so it mostly comes down to managing conversations (3/4th of which are filled with non-standard game overs) and avoiding strange and unknown bugs such as ships returning to your roster after being killed and then the game "remembering" to retroactively kill them only when you start another battle.

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I've done a lot of runs, and a lot were good. However there were also a lot of bad ones.

Worst Game - I'd have to say Seterra, it just wasn't very fun to run for me and I quickly stopped going for runs in it.

Worst Category - Math vs Monsters 10000% - I have not done a full run of this category yet and may never do it. It was a meme category we made in which you beat the ~30 second game Math vs Monsters 100 times in a row. The record at the moment is just over an hour.

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bike race advanced it sucks because its like almost impossible for the average player

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since it's an event tower it's bad!

even in casual playthrough.

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Worst Game: Lazy Town's Superhero Challenge (

Worst Category: Super Mario Party All Gems (

The game speaks for itself. The category is bad because it took forever, but I mainly did it because there were no runs on the board at the time so I figured I could snag a free WR. However, someone HAD done an unlisted run on YT that was faster, so I didn't even get to be the first person who completed a run and instead just had a run that was 1-2 hours slower than his existing.

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corn roast catastrophe without a doubt

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Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked ending 1/2 and 3.
You need to get to day 100 but every day is 3 minutes long. So you literally have to wait for approximately 6 hours without doing a lot during the days.

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Ring 3 Tower Rush for JToH (Coils)

Tower of Despair (ToD) is the worst tower in the game

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Game: Hanafuda2. It was some literal garbage game I found on the App Store I submitted for shits and giggles at the time.

Category: die% for BHop jump. Shouldn’t be a category.

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