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I am sorry to everyone I have displeased. Apologizing and communicating is tough. I feel like I have disrespected too many streamers and that I have been unfortunate enough to lash out at others. It's tough in personal life as well, I think it's how it affects my lifestyle to when and what I choose to speedrun and how stressing it can be for your mind and mood. ❤️


Aspie here.

Sometimes, it is very hard to meet new people, and when you do get the opportunity to meet them, it is very easy to have a misstep or two. I wouldn't sweat it too big. What you need to do is make very close friends with a few people, and then expand your sphere. I met several people while speedrunning, and I don't regret it one bit.

Sometimes you need to keep it up. Those who want to become your friend will. If not, then that is on their head.


I also have Asperger's Syndrome.