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Hey all I know this has been more than likely asked before now, but would the playstation classic be considered an emulator in terms of run submissions. Because I know it is considered an emulator cause is plays pre-insatlled roms but it has a physical box with you know reset, power on/off. I know sounds dumb but you guys are cool. Whatcha think?


afaik the PS Classic is quite literally an ARM chip executing the ARM-version of a popular playstation emulator, so it's literally the same as loading that emulator onto a raspberry pi. Same goes for Nintendo's mini-consoles as well (different emulators ofc).

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While it is technically an emulator it is not listed as one for the purpose of submissions as far as I know (the same way Wii VC games are not listed as emulation). They are listed as consoles.


There's additional issues compared to the Nintendo classic consoles and the Virtual consoles though - even for some games that are on it out of the box, there's significant problems with emulation, and additional problems with game versions/regions.

I'd check with the community you're submitting with before hand. Depending on the specific game, they might count it as an emulator, or a different region, or not allow it at all.

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Yes it's emulation, and regardless of an [emu] tag next to it, wiivc is emulation as well, regardless of how well either is done.

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why are emulator s banned?from submitting speedruns?How am I supposed to do re1,2 and 3?on my pc?


This is the wrong place to ask that question, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT.

Not only do all three of those games have PC releases, but all three games ALSO allow PS emulation on it's leaderboard.


And this website is just an area to compare our runs with some from other people. That doesn't prevent you to speedrun whatever you want on any console or emulator you want on your own. Not at all. it's just that you runs could have numerous reasons to not appear here, depending of the mods and communities.

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interesting.thank you for your answers.I am so glad that the emulator versions can be allowed.I knew there was a PC version for resident evil 3 nemesis,I use to go to The IsoZone.....I just found out they the world's FEDS.... at least ,I think I still have a copy of the pc version of the iso mount cd game re3.
I did not know they made a oc version of RE1 and 2.


Are you ...sure you're from Florida? Anyway I think all the RE games were released for PC, pretty convenient.


With the exception of spinoffs and Code Veronica iirc


@TalicZealot I suspect it's a small child who probably shouldn't be playing Resident Evil anyway.


Im's just I havent found any site that has a mountable image pc version to run the game like I did with the RE3 from that the site is gone,I do not know how I am going to get the first 3 Resident evil games for pc to do some practice in speedruns.I spend most of my time on steam playing modern games.


Well nobody here is going to just link it to you, but there are easy ways to figure it out. Research the game pages and their guides. Google and talk to the communities to see what the appropriate versions are for speedrunning and potentially how to get ahold of them.

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I know that some people use Retro Duo, Trio, Quad and stuff and post runs like "played on console". I'm not complaying or anything, but only to keep in mind, Technically, it's all Emulation.


@AgentHunk Resident Evil games have many differences from PC and Console versions, like loading times, and skipping cutscenes and doors so they are very different runs and have competition based on each version.



Guys, stop discussing ROM sharing on the forums, completely off topic from the thread no less. Your posts should be deleted.

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@Komrade Calm down. I also talked about the game versions. I didn't flood the topic or anything. As for the roms politics, I kept that in mind, and for that reason I didn't share any website adress. Also, some people have the original games, so it's not a problem to play the roms


Lol, you did share the website address. Just because you didn’t hyperlink it doesn’t make it okay to post the name of the website.

This site has made it very clear that when someone asks for that kinda stuff, you simply say “you can’t disciss that here, go to google” and you stop posting anything else about it. You don’t post names of sites where they can download that stuff, that’s still just as bad as sharing direct links.

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@Timmiluvs So It seems I was not aware of the politics entirely. My post was edited to take the info about roms out. I apologize