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Hey runners!

I'm writing an article for a UK based indie game website and I'm interested in interviewing any speedrunners of indie games, such as Celeste, Cuphead, Dead Cells, Minit etc. I'm looking for insights into what makes it especially different than running non-indie titles.

If you're interested or know anyone that fits the bill let me know and I'll get in touch 😃


I've devoted a great deal of my speedrunning career to a game called Hue ->

And my profile is filled with games nobody's ever heard of 😃

So if I fit your criteria, I'm in.


Thing can be north and south between indie games and AAA or they can be very similar. For example :

Games like Hollow Knight (indie) and Super Mario Odyssey (AAA) both had their glitched fixed,
while games like Dishonored (AAA) and Skylar and plux (indie) won't have their bug fixed
But if you compare dishonored to hollow knight, its south and north like i said.

The major difference should be finding glitch, cause technically, it should be harder to find glitch or bug in AAA
since they have more resources, but then again, tons of oob in crackdown 3 (AAA )and no glitch in
frostrunner (indie) and tons of oob for The Messenger (indie) while no glitch for Monster hunter (AAA)

So yeah north and south.


I'm not exactly sure what you need to know, but I've only speedrun indie games. 2 of which are obscure enough where I had to do much of the routing and strat finding myself.


@scoops I run a game called Unhack, by indie dev InvertMouse. It's very obscure, so I'm very willing to talk about it.