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A great man is gone from this world. He gave one last effort to make one last video for us, and for that, we appreciate him. He will live on in our hearts. Rest in peace, Alex. The world will carry on your legacy. You will be missed.

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Long live Technoblade

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LLT 🕊️

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Legends never die. RIP techno

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absolutely crushed my heart when i heard about it. why does God take away from us all the great people so early man.. i would've never expected having to wake up to hear this terrible news. RIP techno you have always been a pioneer of minecraft multiplayer content, now it's time for all of us to write your name in the history books as a way to thank you one last time for making our childhoods better. #LLT

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I gathered all my cool username friends one last time to show our support in this thread for this immense loss that was revealed to us today. I have been watching Technoblade since 2015 right when he started getting traction on the YouTube scene, I was there when he hit 30k and got YouTube rank on Hypixel, I was there when he hit 100k subscribers and I vividly remember him jokingly saying at the end of that milestone video that he wanted to reach 10 million subscribers next and that now he was 1% on the way there. 5 years passed and his Dream became a reality on the very last day of 2021. His update videos on his health have always been uplifting, he kept his personality even through the darkest of times and he made us all think he will recover. It was absolutely devastating to hear earlier today that he lost the fight with cancer just because he never expressed it in his videos, he had a strong and positive mindset and he didn't want to make us feel bad for him. He kept it all to himself until the last moments of his life. You have raised a generation of people and every single one of us is thankful for what you left on the internet for years to come. #LLT

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At a loss for words rn for my favorite pig ever... #LLT

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insane how his new merch is literally "ggez" and "good game". only Technoblade could have done that. #LLT


i hope we can have a chat on the other side, you made my childhood so much better #LLT

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Rest easy king #LLT


RIP legend #LLT

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What's a LLT?

Originally posted by HiI gathered all my cool username friends
Do you mean your alt accounts?


@YUMmy_Bacon5YUMmy_Bacon5 LLT stands for long life Technoblade

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yeah, long live technoblade. GGEZ merch.
I like the fact that mojang added the crowned pig, as an easter egg for Technoblade. 👑🐷