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For me, probably a sea cucumber.

That was an absolute terrible experience.


Lmao that’s legendary af

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This is a story my mom told me once, apparently when I was really really little she walked into the kitchen once and I was sitting on the floor munching on a cockroach.

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I ate a random pill I found on the floor once when I was 5

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i remember eating a short string of yarn (or however you would say that in english) once


I remember after picking my nose when I was like 3, I ate whatever boogers I could dig out with my finger. I also ate my dad’s hair around that time, too.

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I liked: Roast tarantula, lutfisk, cow's eyes, sannakji (live octopus), cobra shot
I hated: Beondegi (boiled silkworm pupa)
Meh, never again: Fugu

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baked beans on toast

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@VEGASVEGAS beans on toast is lovely haha
The weirdest thing (for outlandish points mainly) was 4-year expired chocolate, which probably made me sick, unsurprisingly horrible taste


The weirdest thing I ever ate was Peanut Butter and Ketchup on Mini Bagels (and I hate to admit that it was pretty good)

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Most of us here probably ate some weird things when we were younger


uh. care to explain star

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So when you have a loose tooth, you could bite into an apple, or something hard and the tooth would fall out without you noticing. I have swallowed many teeth as a child.

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Yeah, I swallowed one too. It wasn't bad but my mom was making a huge deal out of it lmao

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when i was young I had pills (not sure what they were for lmao) but I bit one of them and it tasted like shit

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Oh god just imagine what the pills were LMAO


Potato’s and tomatoes 🤮