I just added an autosplitter, this should make it more easy to know when you beat your old time, since you can already start pretty excact and now the splitting is automated. Some testing is much appreciated^^

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Haute-Normandie, France

Good job and Thank you !

New Jersey, USA

Nice. From such humble beginnings, you've become kind of the autosplit king.

Kansas, USA

The autosplitter ends my timing on 49 dads a lot, any idea why?

Update: appears to only happen if I get to 49 dads while soap is activated. If soap is not active it does not do this.

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reset { return == 0 && !=; }

I added this line of code to get the splitter to reset when we fail a run and go back to the dad selection Gonna do some digging in Cheat Engine and see if i can the value for pressing the "lather up" button. Cheers.