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The rule regarding correct emulator choice has been updated to include other kinds of acceptable proof.

Another rule about emulator functions like savestates, etc. has also been added.

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After talking it over with the other moderators, autosplitters have been banned for this game. There are a couple of reasons for this, the primary one being that it reads from memory over the course of a run.


If you're referring to this part:

you need two upgrades to get past it. If I recall correctly it's the one in Mu plus the one in Bermuda.


For these categories, I'm not aware of any emulation differences, so it'll be categorized the same for now.


If you want the image to show up on, you need to give a direct link, i.e., a URL that ends in ".jpg" Sometimes the moderators will edit the URL themselves.


I've removed Secret Ending as a category, given the complete lack of submissions in the ~3 years this leaderboard has been around. This also matches the Blowout Blast leaderboard.


Hey everyone,

In an effort to curb the prevalence of controversial submissions and to increase the standard and legitimacy of the leaderboards, the moderators have agreed to increase the threshold for video requirements to 1:00:00 for any% NMG, 1:10:00 for 100% NMG, and 55:00 for any% UFO. All existing runs without video that were under these thresholds have been removed, which is a departure from previous rule changes. We would like to eventually move towards requiring video for all submissions.

Thank you for your understanding, and please let us know if you have any questions.


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I've cleaned up the rules a bit and incorporated some of the suggestions here, in particular the category name proposals.

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2P is taking control of Gooey. Just spawning Gooey would not make it a 2P run, since it can be done on the first controller.

I'll clarify that in the rules.

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One example off the top of my head is how Kirby preserves momentum after taking damage off of spikes. This makes the normal strategy for the beginning of 5-4 not work.

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Ah, just a small correction--my Dream Collection recordings were done on Wii, not Wii U, but I doubt there would be a difference anyways.


As someone who has probably spent significantly more time (and money) than anyone else on "the first minigame," 100-Yard Hop, I am strongly opposed to the idea of having a leaderboard for it here. Literally the only argument here for why the cyberscore leaderboard is inadequate is "it's not"

100-Yard Hop has nearly no speedtech in it, and a large majority of the time it comes down purely to luck. Furthermore, it's completely disconnected from the main story mode in both gameplay and counting towards completion. The cyberscore leaderboards are suited for handling these types of minigames, e.g., see precedent on Air Grind in Nightmare in Dream Land.

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Multiplayer runs are not tracked on this leaderboard, if that's what you're asking.


You can simply put the URL for your photo in the video field.


Thanks for your patience. All Ultimate Choice submissions so far have been verified. There was a problem with setting up the Ability option on, but that's all been fixed.

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Video proof will be required for at least the fastest time, but right now, picture proof for all other times is acceptable.


First off, one thing to note is that the lengths of the fire decrease with repeated use. It's kinda hard to see but if you full-screen that fire cancel clip it shows the length of each fire. When I first started out, I didn't realize this so I was underestimating how long the first and second fires were. Some people even mash A for the float input.

I think the most common mistake is to float for too long before doing the puff. Those two inputs (float and puff) are really close together, though I don't know the exact # of frames. I suppose you could play back one of the TASes with inputs, but I haven't seen anyone use an input display for this game.

Overall, getting a feel for the correct timing takes awhile (for me personally it was maybe 3-4 weeks, but I was doing any% for most of that time), so don't get discouraged if it doesn't seem to be very effective yet.

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Hi, I was the one who changed the settings, for exactly the reasoning in kirbymastah's post. Apologies for doing this after accepting your first runs--for a long time, there were no emulator runs at all (minus one joke submission) so the issue never came up. Thanks for your understanding.

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No problem, r0b0d0g. 😉


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