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I suspect there are some undiscovered glitches and thought I would mention some possible 'lines of enquiry' in the hope that with some new tech the run time might start to get towards the 60 minute mark, which would make it much easier for me to try runs.

1. I have heard that by wearing the fire amulet on armor the Ice Dwarf can be damaged even with his shield up (untested).

2. Whereas you normally need to fetch the vase for the ferrymaster in order to cross the river and progress near the beginning of the game, I can actually jump that gap without doing the vase quest by picking up some nearby pots and stacking them on the edge of the river. This definitely doesn't save any real time but I haven't tested whether it messes up any scripting yet.

3. Similarly, I can actually get to the platform where you get the Mageblade without getting the pieces or raising the bridge over the lava. You need a health potion and jump over the lava, healing half way across, and can survive the trip. Unfortunately, the Mageblade does not materialise when you get to the platform, but if there is someway of triggering it without getting the pieces then this has potential.

4. I have already posted elsewhere the glitch I got by chance whilst fighting the Ice Dwarf which maxes SS. If the effect could be replicated somehow, perhaps even on an earlier boss / mob, then that has huge potential to enable purchasing the magic armor much earlier (could also avoid the need to get chests and help with the 100% run). Video posted again below.

5. At about 47 mins into Zach Miller's any% run he gets killed by a bat and the death animation clips him through a locked gate. There may be nothing in this because the respawn is always at the previous gate.

6. Pots and blocks can be placed on some mobs and causes some awkward clipping / repositions them vertically. Again, probably no useful application but who knows.

7. Generally, running whilst carrying things can seem to cause some awkward collision issues in tight gaps etc but I have not come across anything of use yet.

May be nothing useful here, but thought I would share these in case anyone finds the opportunity to carry out any further testing. If I find anything of actual use I will of course add it to this thread.

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I will try to test some of these out. Thanks, drgrumble! As for some of these, I know for a fact that while exiting the area from chest #37 (In Wasteland, where you bomb the two rock formations and push the two boxes to get to the house in the background), There is a much faster way to exit that area than bomb both formations again like intended. Instead, what I do is run to the top of the slide area, and pull out a bomb. That should push you out to the other side. Also, I have done #3 before, and will be testing out 1, 2, and maybe 5. I'll try to take video and post that whenever I finish testing.


Good stuff! Nice tip regarding the bomb method - I think I do use that in my any% no CD run, it makes me wonder whether a similar technique might have application elsewhere in the run.


Ok, so 1 works, should save a little bit of time during the Dwarven King fight. My recommendation is to put fire on armor, shadow on magic, and ice on sword right before the fight begins. Also note, since you're not really gonna care if you get hit, you 100% NEED a potion. Also, 2 works and I'm playing through the game to see if it has any other effects on gameplay or scripting. By the way, the setup for 2 is extremely precise, so if you miss it, I'd say just go get the pot rather than try again. This skip doesn't save that much time, guys. Another thing about it is that it may not save any time at all. You android users may want to get this investigated on your end, but on iOS version I was experiencing framerate drops and increased lag after doing the Ferryman Skip. I wish I knew why, but it fixes when you close the app and re-open it. The game is otherwise normal.


Great work Jason, I have tested 2 on android and there was some frame rate drop but only for one screen or so. I have not gone much further in that playthrough so I don't know if there is any later side effects either. In messing around generally I have experienced a couple of oddities but nothing useful or major yet but will keep trying stuff. All in all it's a tough game to break!


Hi guys

I emailed the dev who was really friendly and helpful. I asked him about:

1. Jumping across the lava to the Mageblade platform before getting all the pieces / raising the bridge, and whether there a way of triggering the Mageblade without first getting all the pieces;

2. The Ice Dwarf glitch maxing the soul shard count, and whether he thought there was a viable way of reproducing this (ideally with an earlier boss / mob).

3. More generally, whether he knew of any possible sequence breaks, glitches, exploits or other tricks which might help reduce the speedrun time.

They replied with:

"1. I don't think there is a way of triggering it, but have you considered not getting the Mageblade at all? It is possible to complete the World's End Keep by using magic only, although it is not easy. Doing it quickly could be an interesting challenge.

2. I can't tell offhand what is causing this although I could possibly figure it out by looking at the code. If I had to guess, you need to collect a coin at the exact same frame where the game stops for the level up dialog. Probably not easy to replicate reliably, but if this is the cause, it could work anywhere else too.

3. I don't know of any major glitches, but as I mentioned above, skipping getting the Mageblade could potentially save time. It would make the end more difficult, but you could skip two bosses entirely. It also lets you keep keys from the previous dungeons to use later, which could further save time.

If I can think of anything else that could help, I will let you know."

He also mentioned that they are working on a new game and there should be some news coming out about it soonish, which sounds interesting!

I tried World's End with magic only and it is reeeaallly tough, and I couldn't complete it (got perhaps halfway through), but I wouldn't say it was definitely impossible. The comments about the soul shard glitch were obviously interesting too and I will perhaps try some testing as I can think of a few different potential set ups, if this is indeed the cause.

Incidentally I completed a playthrough after doing the ferryman skip and there was no obvious effect on story progression or anything else, so doubt this is an effective timesaver.


Wait a minute... If we're not getting the mageblade at all, then the only boss you'd need to fight is the final boss. Just leave each dungeon right after you get it's respective spell, since that's all you need. Ok actually, you'd need to fight The Overseer too, but, I mean... 2 bosses? Really? Another thing is what level would you be by the time you got to WEK? I think the any% run just became a lot more skill based, so good luck to anyone who wants to try this run...


Unfortunately to progress after the first boss you need to get the first piece of the mageblade and speak to the elder, otherwise when you go through the cave after using the bomb to clear some rubble for the first time, there is another lot of rubble and a guard saying "can't clear this with explosives, guess I'll need a pick axe" or something similar. I haven't checked whether there are similar road blocks connected with the other bosses.

In any case, I agree that WEK underlevelled would be incredibly tough. Add magic only into the mix and it would take a superhuman effort to get through it.


Okay, now that we know it´s possible to complete the game without the Mageblade we should be able to skip the Fire Boss (idk its name) and the Ice Dwarf.
Obviously the problem with that is the World's End Keep because any Swords but magic ones are useless. The Mageblade is one of them and I was wondering if the Magic Sword obtained by the Skeleton Lord in the purplemoore graveyard can deal damage to the Corruptors too.
If it can the WEK should be a lot faster because we wouldn´t have to wait for Mana to refill (e.g. Final Boss) to deal damage.

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I might be wrong but I think I have accidentally attempted WEK using the magic sword before, when forgetting to go to the caves to forge the mageblade, and I think the corruptors were immune to it unfortunately. Definitely warrants checking though.

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Some further observations (sorry, have become a bit obsessive):

- The ferryman skip, although not saving any time itself, does allow you to acquire a key 'in hand' by speaking to the ferryman before using pots to jump over the river. This will allow one key required later in the game to be skipped. Thought would need to be given to which key takes the longest time to get, as that one would be the best one to skip.

- I still haven't managed yet to recreate the SS maxing glitch as it is really difficult to try and set things up so that the level up happens at exactly the same time as a coin is collected. It is also possible that the glitch might require a cut scene to commence at the same time too (that is pure guesswork based on the conditions when it happened before). One thing that might help is that picking up an XP sack dropped from a chest involves a cut small scene and obviously can trigger a level up, so all that may then be needed is finding out how to place a coin in the same spot as the XP sack after its dropped to the floor. It might be possible by throwing a pot onto the same spot and hoping that a coin pops out when it breaks. Complicated - will test!

Edit: tested collecting an XP sack (to trigger level up) and a coin simultaneously, and didn't seem to work.


Something tells me that we will optimize the game´s route a LOT in the next few weeks.
I just rewatched my pb and found out we should replace the key handed to you by the richest man in the world by the one handed to you by Ferryman. With around 3:30 that key takes the longest to collect. That alone saves a massive amount of time 🙂

But now that the best route skips two bosses we can actually collect two more additional keys that would be required to continue the intended routes.
The more convenient one takes around 1:00 to collect. It is right after the death abuse after obtaining the Dimension Rift spell. If we go up to the Lesser Corruptor and take its key we can store that one for later on.
Obviously we can skip Bishop, the Destroyer who takes around 2:00 so we´re talking about a 1 minute timesave here.

The other "extra" key takes around 1:30 to collect. It is right after the death abuse after obtaining the Dragon´s Gasp spell. If we continue taking the intended upper part after respawning at the portal and collect the key at the statue in the Chambers of The Flame we got another one we can store for later on. However, I didn´t find a key this key can replace AND save time. Probably one key in the World´s End Keep might take longer than 1:30 now that we don´t have the Mageblade anymore.

Also, what do you guys think about skipping the Magic Armor? Apparently I was the only one who bothered skipping it so far.


Thanks Zarcatus - really interesting comments! I agree there is likely to be a lot of route evolution worked around how best to deploy the spare keys.

I am really interested to see how WEK would be tackled with magic only (if as feared the magic sword doesn't work there). I can do the first corruptor fairly ok but the skeleton gate keeper is tough. When I tried WEK magic only even the smaller mobs were really tricky and it was difficult to keep up the mana levels. The saving grace is that Bishop the Destroyer can be skipped, plus the final boss stage 1 can be hurt largely by deflecting his magic balls (presuming that this is possible with non-MB swords?), and then the final boss last stage can normally be cheesed (although mana levels may again be a problem and he can deflect fire balls quite easily...).

In case it helps any (may not), I have uploaded in guides a spreadsheet I made a few months ago showing the chests and rewards, for help with routing.


In regard to skipping magic armor, WEK will be so difficult anyway that I would not attempt it without the best armor, but much respect to whoever can manage it!


I think you should skip the Frost Trinket too. All the corruptors are immune to it and It doesn't help very much anyways. Especially if you're skipping 2 bosses.


Oh, I already skipped the Frost Trinket. Furthermore I'm going to go through the game trying to find new timesaves really soon.
Let's make that sub 1 hour possible!


Agreed regarding the frost trinket. I also wonder whether it is worth not getting plate armour, as you could then get magic armor much earlier. Overseer fight would be trickier but still doable.

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Alright, I just played through the game and skipped Ferryman, The Frost Trinket, the Fire Demon, the Ice Dwarf, all the Swords better than The Thorn, most of the treasures containing Soul Shards and some of the treasures containing xp. I only skilled "Magic" until I maxed it out and then started leveling up "Health" (At the final boss I had 6 full hearts).
Although I didn´t expect it the playthrough made me believe even The Thorn is totally unneccessary for two reasons.
1. Since I didn´t skill "Attack" a single time The Thorn only dealed 12 - 18 damage. The Needle isn´t a much worse option considering The Thorn takes almost 1:30 to collect.
2. The Main use of a sword in general was restoring mana. The amount of mana restored is not affected by the damage a sword deals.

Getting through the game was definitely way easier than expected. I also figured out you can hit The Overseer when he´s on a high platform like here: http://i.imgur.com/zQaVW5E.png
The only problem was the WEK as expected. That´s why I hardly agree it´s not worth getting The Plate Armour anywhere in the run but instead The Magic Armour at the very end. I actually bought The Plate Armour early on and regret it now because immediately after entering WEK I had the 400 Soul Shards that would have allowed me to buy the better Armour (that´s what happened in my pb as well).
Fortunately I had 3 spare keys: Ferryman´s one, the one from the statue in the Chambers of The Flame and the one from the Lesser Corruptor. They allowed me to not only skip the part with the Golden Boulder and Bishop but also the hard fight against the Corruptor on the upper left side after entering WEK. That made WEK doable until I got to the Lair of Death.
Here I got stuck at the first phase because I didn´t own The Magic Armour. 😕 During hopeless attempts I figured out a convenient way to kill the first phase.
1. Sword - No Trinket, Armour - Shadow Trinket, Magic - Fire Trinket
2. Use Dimension Rift and fire Magic Bolts to the "earthbound form" until you run out of Mana. Then go back to the light dimension
3. Sword - Fire Trinket, Armour - No Trinket, Magic - Shadow Trinket
4. Restore the entire Mana bar and dodge all the attacks. Rarely attack with the sword THAT DEALS DAMAGE after he came down for a while.
5. Repeat from 1 on
The second phase remains a mystery to me...

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Great work Zarcatus, I will definitely try this route when I get the time.

Just one thought - given that the key just before the fire dwarf takes about 2 minutes to get, it might save time to instead get the key from the corruptor on the upper left side near beginning of WEK - it is a tricky fight but a minor detour and potentially faster.

If the final boss 2nd stage can be overcome, any ideas what the new route might roughly clock in at?


I went through the game again and got some news.

Let´s start with the bad ones:
1. Apparently it´s impossible to buy the Magic Armour before the Plate Armour. 😕
2. Only the first phase of the final boss can be harmed by the Needle (reflecting is impossible)
3. The Master of Chaos is also immune to bombs.
4. It took me almost 1:40 to complete the game so I didn´t even pb.

Now the good news:
1. Since I messed up very often I think we can definitely get times below 1:15 with the new strats, hopefully even below 1:10
2. I agree to drgrumble that it´s losing time to take the spare key from the Chambers of The Flame because the Corruptor is actually easy to kill with Magic Bolts.
3. We can kill the first phase easier if we manage to level up during the fight because that refills our Mana.
4. I found a way to kill the Master of Chaos in one hit! The problem is that I only did it once and I have no clue how precise it is. Basically I camped in the corner at the very right side of the arena and used my Shadow Sword to get Mana, a health potion to refill lifes and Fire on the Dragon´s Gasp to deal damage. Suddenly I grabbed him while I was hugging the wall and he was jumping very close to me. That one time (at around 30%) he got drawn all the way into the corner and got stuck in the wall. Then he zipped down quickly and the screen started scrolling down as well. http://i.imgur.com/EFzo0Zb.png
After all the credits started playing. 😃

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