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So, I found a way to play Swordigo on my computer. It's the android version, just so you know, so if you're on iPhone, you'll have to shell out an extra 2 bucks to get CD. But more importantly, should this be legal? For me personally, it's going to be hard to transition from mobile to desktop, but once I got used to it, I'd be way more skillful of a player. I personally have nothing against it, but I definitely wanted to ask your guy's opinions. Also, this may be obvious, but I'm using keybinds to play. If you think maybe keybinds are a bit OP for Swordigo, you could make a rule saying you can only have keybinds for movement, sword, magic and potion (mouse must be used for everything else). Another thing to possibly think about is how this could give our community more accessibility. Think of all the PC Master-Racers.
Also, going back to Android Vs. iOS, if they're playing on iOS and they skip the opening cutscene, just add 45 seconds onto their official time (I timed it using a rubick's cube timing app).
Last thing, if anyone else wants to know how to set up Swordigo on PC, just post a response on the forum and I'll put up a guide (Unless it's decided that PC isn't legal for runs).


I think emulators are fine as long as they don't give an advantage. I have often felt that there is a slight advantage to playing mobile games on a keyboard / mouse interface but if you are going to not allow keybinds for trinket and spell changes then that will help to minimise this. I think emu should be permitted and if further down the line it seems as though emu is giving a material advantage then we could consider a separate emu category.


I´d be ok with PC being allowed on the same leaderboards.


Ok, Then I will Only make keybinds for movement. I will tell you though, my program does have capability to make click+drag keybinds for trinkets & etc, so maybe we should make a requirement to show keybinds before starting a run. I will certainly do this if I ever start recording.