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Also what's 96%?


I have mostly just run the game for fun, so hopefully someone who does run the game can confirm, but looking at the rules, cd stands for coin doubler, so it is either permitted or not depending on the category.
The 96% category is described as: “Beat the game as fast as possible including all portals, all bosses and all treasures. Must finish on killing last boss and show save file (96%) at the end of the video for verification.” Seems like you have to do everything except every quest?

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OwlDragon is right: "CD" stands for "Coin Doubler".
Most categories on the leaderboards (e.g. Any%, All Bosses or 100%) are divided into the two subcategories "With CD" and "Without CD" because getting twice as many coins is a clear advantage in these categories. Other categories such as "Up to First Shard" or "Boss Rush" can´t be sped up by using a Coin Doubler so those categories don´t need to be divided.
96% is similar to 100% but you neither have to visit all locations nor finish all questlines.

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Thanks again

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