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I am at mageblade or something and now should search for king.

But I am back at the plains. How can I move forward?


Im not sure how far through the game you are. If you have just got mageblade then you normally head to worlds end keep (see node 52 on map at https:/​/​drive.​google.​com/​file/​d/​0B3hRqcfMGu5aVTJPeFl4Y3VuNTA/​view?usp=sharing )


Actually, having re-read your post, I think you might have just got the first piece of the mageblade (rather than the whole mageblade), as you are taken back to the plains after getting it. What you need to do now is use the portal to travel to node 7 on the map (linked above) and take the lower path onward, using the bomb ability recently acquired. The nodes on the map are, for the most part, numbered in the sequence you follow in a normal playthrough (the only difference is that we usually travel up to 19 after getting to 15, to get the shadow trinket).