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Hey speedrunners,
I'm speedrunning this game myself and in my opinion it is kind of ridiculous that triple jumping, a normal glitch, is forbidden while for example coin doubler, an extra tool which you have to pay for and which gives you a huge advantage, is allowed.
Here are some reasons why we should allow triple jumping:
- It's just a normal glitch like any other
- It's not even over powered, for example clipping through walls or insta killing master of chaos are much more powerful
- It's easy to perform, so everyone can do it
- In my opinion it belongs to the basic movement in swordigo, it's like you forbid sprinting by double tapping or something
- It just happens sometimes, should you reject a run just because somebody accidentally triple jumped
- It's not a huge advantage, you don't necessarily have to use it to archieve a good time
- Even more controversal things like playing on an emulator or coindoubler which bring you a bigger advantage are allowed
- My main argument again, why would you forbid such a simple glitch?
- It would bring more possibilities for skips which we could explore and discover together what results in more fun for everyone
- It requires some skill, so it's like a technique you have to learn, which makes the game more interesting, more advanced and of course more fun to play

I just can't imagine any reasons why triple jumping should be forbidden, maybe you can help me. And of course you can continue my list if I forgot something.
I hope you understand my point of view and I'm sure that there are some players out there who share my opinion.


I think we could at least add an extra category/split “With Triple Jump“


Hi Sw0rdnes, thanks for posting and great to hear from someone else interested in running this game!

The triple jump has been the subject of some debate. The biggest issue I would take with your list is that it is not easy for everyone to do. The difficulty seems to vary across devices and on some (including mine) it is impossible. I have tested and experimented it to death and have never once gotten a triple jump. Accordingly, it's not quite the same as the other glitches

The above said, the MOC instakill is also device dependent and (for instance) much more consistent on my device than on zarcatus'. There is definitely an argument that it is unfair to allow MOC instakill but ban triple jump because both are device dependent (this is why I deliberately didn't use MOC insta on more recent runs including my all bosses).

I'm not really keen on adding a further subcategory for with / without triple jump as the boards are already over-heavy on categories and light on runs.

Zarcatus and I were chatting recently and think this is probably worth a vote. Easiest way of doing that is in the discord which you will see linked on these boards, so please join!

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I think you should add a new category where triple jumping is allowed


Triple jumping is already allowed in all categories because the community has voted for that on Discord.
We just didn´t make that clear on the forums.