Easy Moderate Hard
Basic Training 1: Moving and Attacking
2m 30s

Basic Training 2: Gathering Resources
5m 56s

Basic Training 3: Building an Army
1m 31s

Basic Training 4: Researching Technology
5m 38s

Basic Training 5: Exploration and Transport
5m 26s

Basic Training 6: Allies and Jedi
4m 19s

Basic Training 7: The Battle for Alaris Prime
6m 52s

OOM-9 1: Beachhead
2m 16s

OOM-9 2: Behind the Lines
4m 42s

OOM-9 3: Spinnaker's Spoils

OOM-9 4: Capturing the Crown

OOM-9 5: The Search for an Underwater Kingdom
7m 51s

OOM-9 6: The Siege of Otoh Gunga
5m 45s

OOM-9 7: Grassy Plains
8m 00s

Boss Nass 1: Otoh Sancture
11m 38s

Boss Nass 2: The Gungan Who Would Be Boss

Boss Nass 3: Raid on Spearhead

Boss Nass 4: Desperate Escape

Boss Nass 5: The Chains Are Broken

Boss Nass 6: The Liberation of Harte Secur

Boss Nass 7: The Battle for Theed

Darth Vader 1: Incursion on Yavin IV

Darth Vader 2: Breaking Bread

Darth Vader 3: Fire, Earth, Water, and Air

Darth Vader 4: An Empire's Fury

Darth Vader 5: The Battle of Hoth

Darth Vader 6: Cloud City Attack

Darth Vader 7: The Battle of Endor

Princess Leia 1: A Force from the Past

Princess Leia 2: Chasing Ghosts

Princess Leia 3: Vor'Na'Tu
4m 06s

Princess Leia 4: Echoes of the Force

Princess Leia 5: Loose Ends

Princess Leia 6: Hoth

Princess Leia 7: Endor

Princess Leia 8: Silken Asteroid Field

Chewbacca 1: Homecoming

Chewbacca 1: Secret Level
0m 57s

Chewbacca 2: Laying Down Roots

Chewbacca 3: Reunion Amongst the Trees

Chewbacca 4: Chewie's Hope

Chewbacca 5: The Challenge of Mattichek

Chewbacca 6: Avatar

Chewbacca 7: The Liberation of Kessel

Confederacy 1: Strategic Retreat
7m 18s

Confederacy 2: Building the Army

Confederacy 3: Perilous Dealings

Confederacy 4: Pressing the Advantage

Confederacy 5: Opening the Wound

Confederacy 6: Into the Grid

Confederacy 7: Sarapin's Fury

Galactic Republic 1: The War Erupts
2m 53s

Galactic Republic 2: Power Play

Galactic Republic 3: Never Trust a Hutt

Galactic Republic 4: Laying the Foundation

Galactic Republic 5: Temptation's Folly

Galactic Republic 6: The Resolution on Krant

Galactic Republic 7: The Taking of Coruscant