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So I started this idea a while back after being invited to be guest at Metrocon (Norway)
and FairyCon (Sweden, with Jodenstone) it started out small as a thing, showcasing speedruns to the anime/gaming community, alot of people know OF speedrunning but they don't get to see it in person.

Like "Meet n Greet with some speedrunners you love to watch and watch them destroy your favourite game". (hahahah)

This idea spawned from after I was guest at Dreamhack and Retrospelsmässan (Retrogamefair Biggest Retro event in sweden, retrospelsmassan on YT to see clips from it, also check Gaminggrannar on YT for more footage)

I thought, hey I do have some contacts in the "Anime Cosplay etc" Community in sweden and i Know for a fact alot of them do enjoy speedruns so you know why not give it a shot?

This is a good step for the speedrun community to make us more known, but the main picture is
to Show-Off speedruns to the world and by going to conventions like this, it gives us a huge chance
to do so!

It's Non-Profit as well, for me as the founder of #"Swederunners", if we do get money for it (in the future) I would save the money so we can bring over like Speedrunners from around europe or even america to a event in sweden or a marathon, as in other words Swederunners would use the money we get to help raise money to get a foreign runner in for Marathons, thats my idea anyway.

Swederunners consists of 4 members right now!

Hope you guys enjoy the Mini-Marathon for Närcon Summer 2015 and hopefully we will be at more events in the future.


Cool idea, this made me get my ass of my chair and haul it to närcon for the first time, so I'll most likely be there.


Gamex MIGHT actually happen!


Cool initiative. I'll make sure to follow this topic and see how this evolves ^.^


Sounds really good. Will also make sure to watch this closely!


SOrry about the lack of updates Most updates have been on and so look there. once we get bigger we can manage this page as well!


Seems interesting, you guys still active?


Yes as a matter of fact! We just visited Närcon Summer 2016. waiting for confirms on future events!


Sounds fantastic. I would love to participate in a future event if possible, although I only speedrun one (not very popular) game so far and not a very interesting category either. 🙁


Sorry for the lack of activities, we kinda neglected this forum section because we are using the discord for this and as I have been handling litereally everything for events coming up, but if you want in the Discord I'll make a new forum Post with the discord link!


I would like to join the discord 🙂


gonna update this in the future but here is the discord