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So, me and my friend are trying to do a speedrun of the game (she is the host). But, even with server.cfg, autoexec.cfg and userconfig.cfg modified to change md_survival_mode to 0, when Unforeseen Consequences starts, the survival mode starts to count down, and we only can disable it by doing a vote.
Any help?


1) bind KEY "toggle_survival_mode"
2) this bind should use your friend, not you, because you not a host
3) Join to Sven Coop Speedrun Discord, it's more better than ask here: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​3Trxxsz


You can make a bind/config for each map to start off without survivalmode.
Or have it toggle every time with toggle_survival_mode as a host, as mentioned.
It's also pretty important to set mp_respawndelay to 0, which also can be done in the cfg file of the map. I think that's the best way of doing it.