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Thread: Time conversion

Started by: Luneth_the_waifuLuneth_the_waifu

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I think it's been decided since there's already a ton of categories with this game, it's better to just have physical runners eat the few extra seconds per run than have double the dozens of categories this game already has. Converting times also adds more effort for runners and even more effort for admins doing the checking.

If you have physical and are serious about running SSBU, you can always do what I did and just trade in your physical and spend that money on downloading digital. The difference ended up being like 10 bucks.

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Thread: Classic 9.9 - How to choose starting intensity?

Started by: surfingpikachusurfingpikachu

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I've been doing 9.9 runs lately and noticed that other runners will occasionally start at sub-5 intensities like 3.7-3.9. I start most of my runs at 5.0 but I've done a couple starting between 3-4 and I understand how it could be beneficial for runs with a relatively difficult back-half.

My question is, do any of y'all have like a rule of thumb or formula for determining which intensity to use for 9.9s? Or does it really just depend on the character and their final stages? I just wanna hear some thoughts on it.