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Thread: Super Mario Console Series Any% rules clarification.

Started by: supgamer76supgamer76

Although myself doesnt do too many speedruns, i have a question about the rules for console series any%. as it is in the rules, "Beat all Games (No restrictions)
Order of games does not matter.
Super Mario All-Stars version is allowed.
Super Mario Galaxy 1 Luigi is allowed.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Banktoad is allowed."

im assuming that the smb3 and smw credits wrong warps(and any other console mario credits wrong warps) are allowed, just that the 2 speedruns in said category didnt use them because the runners didn't have enough practice with the wrong warps(which i cant blame em)

correct me if my assumption is wrong and the credits wrong warps are actually banned.


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Controller use?

Started by: supgamer76supgamer76

should i use handheld mode, pro controller, joycons w/ wrist straps, or joycons attached to joycon grip controller to play the game in a speedrun. i would think wrist straps for better movement such as rolling with motion controls is the fastest movement method?


Forum: Minecraft: Java Edition

Thread: "All Advancements" Category?

Started by: supgamer76supgamer76

As of Minecraft 1.12 the achievement system has been replaced with advancements. Since there are "all achievements" and "How did we get here" categories, would there be an "all advancements" category for 1.12+?