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1 Coin is possible. The only thing stopping us from 0 Coin is a coin on top of a block wall in 1-1.
Wait, a wall? Couldn't we just wall jump?
It looks way too big to be fully cleared with a wall jump, so we can rule that out.
We can also clip through walls, which seems like the only way.
A corner clip wouldn't work, we'd still collect the coin.
Our only way to do it is a wall clip.
Anyone up to try and find a setup?


nah lol. 1 coin is a meme and so is this game. no one would want to do some 1-2G type thing just to complete a speedrun of this. even if it were possible but hard it wouldn't be changed. no one cares enough and it really ruins the meme.

also this speed game is ded

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