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So someone beat SoloQ's run in any% and I'm questioning its legitimate status as the account was made only one day ago and the person only has 1 run. They kinda came out of nowhere.

edit: we should probably start requiring people to put the emulator used in the description of the run.

another edit: the YouTube channel that the run was posted to has 1 video, and the account appears to be made a day ago.

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I do agree. This does seems sketchy considering the account is only one day old with no other runs aside from this new world record. To get the record, a 315 8-4 IL is required. This takes immense amounts of skill and practice to do in a run with no major mistakes. This doesn't look like any sort of legitimate run I've seen. This doesn't look this any sort of hacked run with any mods or different edits to the game. This runs looks tased for various reasons. To start, it was obviously done on emulator. This doesn't mean much, but it makes it easier for the possibility of this being a tased or spliced run. The new player has no speedruns of Super Mario Bros. without ROM hacks. The past world record holders, SoloQ and Mav6771, both have major experiences in the Super Mario Brothers series. SoloQ has a great time of 4:58.026 and Mav with a 4:57.776. These players have spent the past months working to get the skill required. This run reflected their skill in a way to show a joke and a way to prove their skills as great speedrunners who work hard to get consistent and achieve their goals. Getting a close to perfect run with no past skill or even a simple runs makes me really doubt this time. If I were the mods of this game, I would reject the run for now until further evidence that either makes or breaks this run comes forward. I am highly suspicious of this run and I would like to have other player's inputs on this situation.

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This game involves the same 8-4 skill required for Super Mario Bros. 1. The level is the same but you are unable to see the piranha plants which I do believe makes this a skill based run. Even a meme game like this does require skills where you can't be complete garbage at the game otherwise the time with be a lower placed run.

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thatgrapeisaspy I don't think we should have a stream rule as Super Mario Bros. removed it for a reason, although this game is a meme, a person with one run and no other runs breaking a run that almost killed the category is so unlikely, especially when there is no evidence of past personal best times.

edit: we should have only certain emulators aloud, probably not FCEUX or BizHawk as they can be used to make TAS videos.

edit 2: I change my mind on FCEUX bc it is actually very popular.

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I mean the account is 1 day old, the youtube channel only has 1 video on it, the SRCOM account only has 1 run, it seems really fishy and sketchy to be honest. this random guy came out of nowhere and saved a framerule that not even crasyfingers or equanimitySMB's tases could save.... im not saying its faked, but it NEEDS to be looked into.

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We shouldn't ban emulators. We need to have mods who know what a faked run is and what it looks like. Me, SoloQ, Mav, and Gator all do Super Mario Bros. runs and we know what a faked run looks like. It will be odd having every runner with a mod status, but it will be a good way to avoid faked runs.


This is kind of a bump... why has no mod or someonemightbeat responded, even mav thinks its fake. Why is nothing being done?


@thatgrapeisaspy so because the game has a small community faked runs should not be taken seriously and just be allowed? kek dud


people do care... Jeremy, SoloQ, mav, and I care.

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Why put him at the bottom rather than remove his time from the leaderboards? It's simple. Click his name, there are three dots in the top right corner of the video thing. In those three dots, there is a reject button. @CaptainCamerupt