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Just a reminder that timing ends when you go through the goal tape on Created By, NOT when you hit stage select after beating the stage. This is a very common mistake and I've had to edit a lot of runs to make them a second faster because of it.

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It is a little odd that the timing of the run ends before the last input of the run.


There are no inputs after you break the goal tape on the last level in story mode, just as there are no inputs after you break the goal tape on any last level in challenge mode. The only exception to this is story mode any% because in order to skip the final stage you have to hit stage select.

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Ahh okay, wasn't aware that you didn't have to press anything for it to roll to the credits~


Using the logic that if you were to say that time is when you hit the goal tape. Would the run still count if you accidentally exited the game after beating Created By 10-10? im guessing not because of the final cutscene and credits needing to show.


If we've defined the ending of the run to be hitting the goal tape on the last stage you need to beat, then that's the ending, full stop. Nothing you do after that could invalidate the run by our definition IMO.