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So I just started learning how to run Super monkey ball 2. Apart from watching other runs is there a reliable way to learning strats for the levels? Thanks in advance.


Just watch what someone does, try to copy it, and get consistent at it. That's what I did with Giant Comb and a few other strats, and now I'm around top 10 to top 5 skill level for Story Mode Any%. If you would like more help, there is a server with lots of people there, though if you would like more serious help for learning strats, I have an alternate server for people who don't like the main part of the community, which if you don't, is perfectly understandable. If you would like to join my server whisper me on Twitch (My username is the same there as it is for here). Now, for joining the main server, someone should be able to easily give you the link to it. I wish the best for you on learning this game.


He's asking for advice in the game, not in the drama.

Just practice man! Practice Mode is your friend, use it use it use it.

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You might find Jcool's tutorial helpful in the "Guides" section.

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Sorry Assassin. I didn't mean to come off like that and I don't want to start more drama, and I hope Jumpy wishes the same. I really don't mind which server you join or if you join both. It's your choice, you do what you want. Me, not being one of the best players when it comes to anything, I really shouldn't have commented here, but I hope some of what I said wasn't complete BS.

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