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As the title says, can people make new categories? I want to make a Chozo% for people who need to go in 10 minutes. Where as soon as you exit beating the bomb chozo, time stops.


There's nothing stopping you from just creating any arbitrary category and running it yourself. Whether it gets on the leaderboards or not is dependent on how many people run it and if enough people want it on there.

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For reference, the number you probably need to meet in order to establish that enough people run it and want it seems to be one. There's a precedent for this on the board already. The 0% category under the Miscellaneous tab has only one runner. - Screenshot of 0% category as it stands at the time of this post.

Good luck with it.


There is the newly-formed Category Extensions page as well, which I imagine would have better odds of accepting this category.

0% may only have one runner, but the glitched categories in general have fewer runners, and that's really just "low% glitched", which seems like a logical "normal" category for this game.