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No really. Why? New ceres escape wr with no proof today. Why is this board run like this? And how is it not overrun with unproven times? I believe with a huge game like this there is a legitimate reason. Id like to know. Not trying to ve provocative but im just honestly miffed.

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Because runs haven't require verification


I'm not a runner but I'm pretty sure that a 44s Ceres Escape with no video can be overlooked by everyone.


a 44 isn't world record. the higher your ceres escape time, the better you did it


there are often bunch of accidental new ceres WR as peeps put the time as RTA instead of IGT as they can't read the rule saying IGT only


To answer the main question, the biggest reason why you saw new World Records is because the mods disabled verification. For a game with this many people submitting new PBs every day, requiring them to verify every run would simply be busy-work. It's much easier to just moderate runs after-the-fact if the runner tries to claim a top time with no video, or a dodgy video. The same goes if someone makes an honest mistake, like with the recent Ceres "WRs".

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