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The Super Metroid Item Randomizer Tournament is now open for registration! Signups will close on Wednesday July 12th, with the tournament officially starting on Friday July 14th. Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to compete! The tournament will be double elimination with each match being a best of 3. matches do not have to be played straigt after each other although this is encouraged. Runners will have 10 days to player their Week 1 matches, and 7 days for all matches from Week 2 and onwards. You will also be asked to join the tournament Discord server, which can be found here:

The randomizer seed you will use for your match will be generated by an admin using the custom item randomizer program created by total/foosda and will be sent to you prior to your match starting. The randomizer can be found at and we encourage you to race a few seeds prior to the tournament beginning in order to familiarize yourself with this particular version of the randomizer. For details about the differences between this item randomizer and the previous, please check

For complete tournament details and signups, please visit