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Looks really great so far! My only nit-pick is that Game Time shows as (HH):MM:SS instead of the "classic" HH:MM. Having seconds (:00) looks ugly. But yeah, I know things are being worked on.


I can't see seconds for IGT...

//edit nvm, i'm dumb


The seconds thing is actually in development for the site. In the future, we'll have the ability to determine the accuracy of both RTA and IGT on the whole site. So like you could remove the thousandths from RTA or remove the blank seconds from the IGT. Nothing that can be done atm though.


Looking great, thanks for all the work guys! Looks like there's a problem with multiple times showing up for the same runner; seems if you submit a run with a different route specified, it won't overwrite the old one. Same issue if your old run has no route specified and the new one has a route specified. Just in case yall hadn't caught it yet.


Thanks for the feedback.


Seems like it's working as intended. Slower times get overwriten, regardless of the route chosen.
What exactly did you do/try?


hmm, could have sworn I saw multiple duplicates earlier, but maybe I'm going crazy. Right now all I see is two times from jakef1891 on the 100% leaderboard.

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That was likely a submission typo or, which has happened more often, a person's run was verified with their account but the old run was still submitted and not linked to their SRC.


I'll just say that we've been waiting for the ability to hide the seconds in IGT for nearly 2 years and it hasn't happened yet



Every single category should be up to date and in sync with, minus the person(s) that don't wish to be here on All runs are on here, but they're not all updated with the correct extra information that deertier does not provide. That is a project that I'll work on eventually.

//edit: forgot to add that there are categories missing on here that are on deertier. Those are obviously not complete and in sync with deertier. I'll add PAL any% as soon as I figure out a non-intrusive way to do so. any% IGT is an issue I'd like to bring up to the community as a whole, but I'm currently planning on adding it, regardless of how I feel about it. Low% MG All bosses is pretty much... pointless, for various reasons, mainly involving using glitches to trick the item %age counter. Low% MG could be added, but I'm waiting to see the results of the current community votes, ditto for chargeless. There, I think that covers it.

I got rid of the ILs, and moved them back to Misc. It was a bad idea to have them in ILs to begin with, I'll admit.

There are currently 3 polls regarding the leaderboards.

The first is pretty much over in a landslide :
It seems you all want the current URL, so it'll remain that way.

The second and third are on's front page, but I'll link them here as well. They're both regarding the organization of the low% NMG route choices (item choices to add up to 14%)

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To expand on foosda's poll list, here is the poll to replace his poll-maker link:

Unfortunately, voting infinitely was a possibility on the last poll, so this is to replace the chargeless poll.


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