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Ik for river survival hard mode, right side is still fastest, but im extremely lost as far as ballon count goes. I was joping someone could make a nice spreadsheet doing the math like ricey did for normal mode. Thanks if u waste ur time for the community!


8 ballons shouldn't be too hard if you don't bonk too much, 7 balloons is possible too but you literally can't bonk a single time!

Balloons routing:
Gentle Beginning: Take the first three balloons
Cheep Cheep Schools: Take the second one
Rapids Run: Take the second ballon (the others completely kill your speed from the boost panels, on the second one it ends immediately before anyway)
Eye of the Needle: Take the first one and the notes one. In the maze, go the left path and skip the balloon.
Beyond the Jungle: Take the first one if you need it, skip it if you have enough time.


@blueYOSHI my man did the maths, its updated on guides. Ill put ur thing too.